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About the Author

Ever since he was old enough to write, Justin Field has always had a story to tell.

An avid reader and filmgoer from a young age, Justin has enjoyed bringing his visions to life both on the page and on the screen. He is especially interested in mysteries, suspense, and thrillers, inspired by the likes of authors such as Stephen King and filmmakers such as David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Michael Haneke, and David Lynch.

When he isn’t writing, you’ll likely find Justin at a piano or with a guitar in his hand, or exploring and traveling with his wife and two children. “To Be Known” is his debut published novel.

Originally written in three months in the fall/winter of 2015, Justin visited England to tour some of the cities and villages that inspired the novel. Away from the touristy towns he found landscapes seemingly trapped in time.

In “To Be Known,” he takes readers to Upper Dyrnan, a seemingly perfect village that is anything but, where it is difficult to firmly pinpoint who is to be trusted or feared. But at the center of the novel is a cottage, perhaps the main character of the story.

A house stands through the good and the bad… and each has a story to tell.